International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Sound and Society

Sound is omnipresent in our lives. Some sounds are useful, some are enjoyable. Some sounds are intrusive, some are hazardous


An International Competition for students of Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools from all over the world

The competition is structured in two categories:

  • Competition for students of Primary and Middle Schools (approximately from 5 to 12 years old);
  • Students are asked to produce hand-made drawings, pictures, patchworks, collages and similar, related to their world of sounds, inspired by the the motto of IYS2020 “Importance of Sound for Society and the World” and, possibly, by melody and refrain of the song “The Sound Of The World”.

  • Competition for students of Secondary Schools (approximately from 13 to 18 years old).
  • Students are asked to write a stanza of 4 verses in mother tongue and/or in English, inspired by the melody and the refrain of the song “The Sound Of The World” as well as by the motto of IYS2020 “Importance of Sound for Society and the World”.

Entries can be submitted by individual students or by groups of students. Groups can be from within a class or a whole class.

You can find the competition and submission details in the following link: IYS-2020_Competition-Regulations. If you would like the banner (shown to the right), you can download it from this link: Poster_IYS2020 (4.5 MB).

The song “The Sound Of The World” is now available:

(3.3 MB)
The Sound Of The World.mp3
This file contains the most usable version for understanding the melodic line of lyrics.

(3.3 MB)
The Sound Of The World (Minus Voice).mp3
This file is the version for singing stanzas and refrain. There is no melodic line of lyrics, only background music: The vocals written by students should be added to this track.

(59 KB)
The Sound Of The World.pdf
The music sheet in this file represents notes, chords and text of the refrain on the pentagram, so students and teachers can play it. A professional version where refrain and an example of stanza are sung will follow shortly.

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