International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Student Competition

An international competition for young students from all over the world

Frequently Asked Questions

For Students of Secondary Schools
  1. What exactly is required as an entry for the Secondary Schools part of the competition?
  2. The entry is one stanza consisted of 4 lines (verses) based on the given melody and the given refrain. Please visit the contest site to download these files.

  3. May I change the words of the refrain?
  4. No the words of the refrain are given.

  5. May I change the melody?
  6. No, the melody is given. You should create your stanza to fit the melody and the refrain.

  7. Shall I follow the style of the given stanza example?
  8. No that is not necessary. The example of a stanza is given just for guidance.

  9. How must the entry be submitted?
  10. The stanza should be written and submitted on the application form which is downloadable from the Competition section of the IYS 2020 website. It should be submitted to the National Representative of your country by the given deadline. If there is no National Representative listed for you country then see the answer to FAQ 8 below

  11. Is it necessary to accompany the text of the stanza with an audio or video file presenting the singing of the song?
  12. No, the winners of the competition will be notified and then asked to send an audio/video file in September for inclusion in the final product of the competition. However, if participants do wish to send their own audios/videos they are welcome to do so. Please see regulations (section j)

  13. Where I can find the contact address of my National Representative?
  14. The National Representatives and their e-mail addresses can be found in the site (

  15. What if my Country has no National Representative?
  16. Then you should submit your entry to the Contest Coordinator at

  17. How will the entries from Countries without National Representative be evaluated?
  18. Up to three finalists for each Continental area among these entries will be selected by the Steering Committee for the final evaluation.

  19. Are multiple entries from each school/class allowed?
  20. Yes, each individual or group of students can send an entry to the contest, irrespective of other entries from same school/class.

  21. Which is the contact e-mail address for the competition in case I have more questions?
    • For any issue related to the competition rules, please contact
    • For any issue related to the national competition, please contact your National Representative to be found at
    • If your country has no National Representative, please contact

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