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Special Projects

You can never start thinking about sound too early

There are great opportunities to utilise acoustics as a learning tool to raise student awareness of this aspect of the built environment. Two examples are discussed here in which acoustics has been used as a theme in school projects at primary and secondary school.

In the first example, Hayball Architects and Marshall Day Acoustics collaborated with Domremy College to develop a four week interdisciplinary maths and design project to improve the acoustics of the Solais Sandpit, the school’s prototype innovative learning environment. Fifty-six students from two different maths classes took part in this project-based collaborative learning program run across three sessions.

The second example is a Year 2 Sound project that was developed for the International Grammar School, Sydney, Australia. The class worked on reducing sound in four different places in the school (the stairwell, West roof, Wright courtyard and the Imaginarium).

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  • Country: Australia
  • Hayball Architects
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
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  • Contact person: Fiona Young,
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