International Year of Sound 2020-2021


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Special Projects

Birdsong and Bells — the Peak Sound Project

In the spring of 2021 members of Harp & a Monkey (an award-winning art, music, and storytelling collective) were invited to undertake a new project in the Peak District National Park in England. Four different communities were chosen to take part by the community arts provider Live & Local. Biggin by Hartington, Calton, Tideswell and Great Longstone were chosen to reflect the diversity of lifestyles experienced across the Park – from larger tourist towns to small rural settlements.

The residents of these four communities, as well as volunteers working for the National Park, were invited to close their eyes and engage with their everyday experiences in a different way – by listening to the sounds that surround them; from the mundane to the magical. They were then invited to record them on their mobile phones and submit them for inclusion as part of a larger sound collage.

The result is this short film: BIRDSONG AND BELLS: THE PEAK SOUND PROJECT.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Responsible: Acoustical and Vibroacoustical Institute of Peru
  • Location: Peak District National Park, UK
  • Contact person: Martin Purdy (
  • URL:

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