International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Sound and Society

Sound is omnipresent in our lives. Some sounds are useful, some are enjoyable. Some sounds are intrusive, some are hazardous


IYS 2020-2021 into the Future

With the arrival of 2022 came the end of International Year of Sound (IYS) 2020-2021. However the actions related to the IYS are not completed.

There are a couple of events that have been postponed a number of times due to the pandemic, but the enthusiasm of the organizers remains and these will be held in 2022 so remain on our calendar as IYS events.

The Student competition awards have been completed. The video showing the range of submissions related to the song “The sound of the world” has been prepared and will shortly be available on YouTube. The documentary including interviews with many involved with the IYS student competition is being assembled with the aim to have it available in time for International Noise Awareness Day 27 April 2022.

Planning is in process for the creation of a portfolio to provide a record of the events, activities, and resources created for the IYS to highlight the importance of sound in our world. The details of all these components will be archived on the website, in recognition of what has been achieved, despite the challenges of the international unusual situation mainly due to the pandemic. We intend that this report will be both a legacy and an inspiration over coming decades for all those involved with acoustics.

The sponsors and supporters have been essential in providing the funding to allow for the centrally organized activities such as the video on sound, the student competition and the opening ceremony. A certificate of appreciation is being created to acknowledge their support of the IYS.

While many major meetings are holding their own closing event to recognize what has been achieved, for example the Acoustical Society of America special session at the Nov 2021 conference, the official ICA closing ceremony will be during the ICA congress to be held in Korea, 24-28 October 2022.

The success of the IYS has been due to the support and enthusiasm of the member societies and International Affiliates of the ICA and like-minded organizations with an interest in some area of acoustics. The preparation for the closing ceremony will involve the members of the steering committee representing all the regions of the world to ensure that the involvement from all around the world will be properly recognized.

Although it has led to challenges, the pandemic of 2020-21 has provided a unique experience for everyone around the world to become personally aware of the importance of sound, in both the desired form and also in the undesired form of noise. After the closing of the International Year, the continued actions by the acoustic community will aim to ensure the achievements of the IYS in promoting the importance of sound in our world is not forgotten.

Marion Burgess and Michael Taroudakis

Location: International

Source: Marion Burgess and Michael Taroudakis, co-organisers of the International Year of Sound

Source Location: Australia, Greece


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