International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Event Calendar

The Year of Sound will be celebrated with events originating at the regional, the national, and the international levels. Here we list all events that have an acoustical outreach component in line with the goals of the Year of Sound.


30 July - 20 August 2021Indonesia

Training for Trainer: Menyelesaikan Permasalahan Akustik Masjid di Indonesia

Indonesia has over two hundred thousand mosques, and one of the most frequently encountered issues is with the acoustic quality. This free online course is aimed to educate participants on room acoustics, mosque sound systems, room acoustic measurement, and room acoustic modeling. This event is being organized in collaboration with Institut Teknologi Bandung, Dewan Masjid Indonesia, Asosiasi Masjid Kampus Indonesia, and Asosiasi Akustik dan Vibrasi Indonesia.

Location: Bandung

Organisation Responsible: Institut Teknologi Bandung

Contact: Anugrah Sabdono Sudarsono, at


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