International Year of Sound 2020-2021

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The Year of Sound will be celebrated with events originating at the regional, the national, and the international levels. Here we list all events that have an acoustical outreach component in line with the goals of the Year of Sound.


20 August 2020United States

It’s in the Tone: The Acoustics of Social Judgments and Linguistic Profiling – Virtual Presentation

When you hear someone without seeing them, what types of judgments can you make based solely on their voice? Listeners are surprisingly adept at making judgments about gender, age, and race based on short speech samples, and they make these assumptions based on the voice itself rather than just content. These facts have implications for how marginalized groups and people experience the world, especially in institutions such as education and the criminal justice system.

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) continues its series of virtual talks featuring acoustical experts as part of the International Year of Sound celebration.

For this third presentation in the series, Nicole Holliday, an assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, will examine how our voices convey meaning in their tone and what listeners perceive. Specifically, her virtual talk on Aug. 20 will reflect on what language can tell us about identity and inequality.

The talk will run from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST.

*registration link will be posted*

Location: Melville

Organisation Responsible: The Acoustical Society of America

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