International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Event Calendar

The Year of Sound will be celebrated with events originating at the regional, the national, and the international levels. Here we list all events that have an acoustical outreach component in line with the goals of the Year of Sound.


19 - 23 August 2020United States

International Hearing Aid Research Conference (IHCON)


The purpose of this conference is to advance knowledge and to facilitate progress in hearing aid research and development through the exchange of current research findings and technical advances related to the treatment of hearing impairment with hearing aids and other technologies. Students may receive travel grants. New at the IHCON 2020 meeting will be the International Hearing Aid Seminar (IHAS). This will be held immediately prior to the IHCON 2020 meeting. The main goal of IHAS is to foster research by junior investigators, including graduate students, postdocs, and junior scientists in industry and academia.

Location: Granlibakken, Tahoe City, CA, USA

Organisation Responsible: IHCON commitee

Contact: Tobias Neher, at


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