International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Event Calendar

The Year of Sound will be celebrated with events originating at the regional, the national, and the international levels. Here we list all events that have an acoustical outreach component in line with the goals of the Year of Sound.


13 March 2020United Kingdom

Birdsong Identification Training 1

Baker Consultants Ltd (Matlock UK), will be delivering a Birdsong Identification training session, to Citizen Scientists supporting the Ingleborough Soundscape Project on Friday 13th March. The session will enable individuals taking part in bird surveys, to identify common species, both resident and migrants, unseen in a crowded woodland environment. As well as learning how to listen to nature, participants will be introduced to the use of birdsong meters and spectrogram analysis software. This public engagement activity has kindly been funded by the UK Acoustics Network (UKAN).

Location: Ribblehead, North Yorkshire, England

Organisation Responsible: Ingleborough Soundscape Project

Contact: Dr Rob Pheasant, at


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