International Year of Sound 2020-2021

The Science of Sound

Acoustics is the science of sound and vibration. Acoustics is comprised of many disciplines and is actively researched by researchers in many fields..

Acoustical Organizations and Societies

There are many acoustical organizations that exist to serve the needs of researchers, practitioners, legislators, and the public. They exist at the international, national, regional, and local levels.

International Organizations

National Organizations

Here are the national acoustical organizations or societies that are currently members of the International Commission for Acoustics.

Regional Organizations

There can be organizations that represent the needs of a part of a country. There are also organizations of two or more national societies that address common issues, such as the Alps Adria Acoustics Association (AAA), a regional association with Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. Other organizations may represent a trade sector in a region.

Local Organizations

At the local level, organizations having an interest in sound can take many forms. You may have a community association that is concerned with noise pollution. Your city may have a department for policing noise complaints. There will be musical art associations, orchestras, choirs, and activist groups.

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