International Year of Sound 2020-2021

About the Year of Sound

The Year of Sound is an international celebration of sound and how it enters our lives in so many ways.

Organisational Structure for the International Year of Sound 2020

An array of exciting events and activities for the International Year of Sound 2020 will originate with the ICA centrally, the ICA Member Societies, groups involved with acoustics, and with La Semaine du Son. These are described in more detail on the Activities page.

Coordination of events will be an important part of the International Year of Sound, to keep everyone informed about what is being done across the world and to publicize the events. In this regard, several committees have been put in place:

  • Coordinating Committee with representation from all ICA Member Societies and International Affiliates
  • Liaison Committee to provide coordination between the ICA and the Semaine du Son organisations
  • Steering Committee to coordinate all activities of the IYS 2020 which will include events managed by the Coordinating Committee and the Liaison Committee

Additionally, activities organised by other groups (Affiliated Groups) will be publicized.

Coordinating Committee

The IYS Coordinating Committee is comprised of representatives from each ICA Member Society and ICA International Affiliate. Each member organisation/society was asked to designate a coordinator to be the primary contact with the ICA IYS steering committee. The coordinator will discuss with the organization/society the events/activities that can be undertaken during 2020 and will help to promote one or more aspects of acoustics. The list of representatives is presented below. Their email addresses can be made to appear by clicking on the buttons. In turn, clicking these links should launch an email, although how this happens will depend on the settings of your browser and computer; you can always copy and paste the email addresses into your email application.

Country Representative Contact
Argentina (AdAA)Gustavo Basso, Maria Andrea Farina, Nilda Vechiattishow
Australia (AAS)Marion Burgessshow
Austria (AAA)Manfred Kaltenbachershow
Belarus (BAS)
Belgium (ABAV)Secretary of ABAVshow
Brazil (SOBRAC)Stelamaris Rolla Bertoli show
Canada (CAA)Jérémie Voixshow
Chile (SOCHA)Jorge P. Arenasshow
China (ASC)Li Fenghuashow
Croatia (HAD)Kristian Jambrošićshow
Czech Republic (CsAS)Ondřej Jiříčekshow
Denmark (DAS)Lars Bramsløwshow
Egypt (ASE)
Finland (ASF)Panu Maijalashow
France (SFA)Jean-Dominique Polackshow
Germany (DEGA)Brigitte Schulte-Fortkampshow
Greece (HELLINA)Andreas Florosshow
Hong Kong (HKIOA)C.W. Lawshow
Hungary (OPAKFI)Gergely Borsishow
Iceland (IAS)Kristín Ómarsdóttirshow
India (ASI)Dinesh Kumar Aswalshow
Indonesia (AAVI)Ardhana Putrashow
Iran (ISAV)Milad Jahanishow
Israel (IAA)
Italy (AIA)Sergio Luzzishow
Japan (ASJ)Akio Andoshow
Korea (ASK)Sung-Hwan Shinshow
Latvia (LAA)
Lithuania (LAS)
Mexico (IMA)
Morocco (SMA)Mohammed Garoumshow
Netherlands (NAG)Erik Roelofsenshow
New Zealand (ASNZ)James Whitlockshow
Nigeria (ASON)
Norway (NAS)Alain Bradetteshow
Peru (SPeA)
Poland (PTA)Jerzy Wiciakshow
Portugal (SPA)Vincent Debut, Jorge Patricioshow
Russia (RAS)
Serbia (ASY)Miomir Mijićshow
Singapore (SAS) Woon Siong Ganshow
Slovakia (SKAS)
Slovenia (SDA)Mateja Dovjakshow
South Africa (SAAI)
Spain (SEA)Antonio Pedreroshow
Sweden (SAS)Krister Larssonshow
Switzerland (SGA)Kurt Eggenschwilershow
Taiwan (TAA)
Turkey (TAKDER)Konca Sahershow
United Kingdom (IoA) Paul Leppershow
United States (ASA)Keeta Jonesshow
United States (INCE)Michael Bahtiarianshow
Audio Engineering Society (AES)Magdalena Piotrowskashow
European Acoustics Association (EAA)Manell Zakhariashow
IberoAmerican Federation of Acoustics (FIA)Jorge Moreno Ruizshow
Intl. Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE)Patricia Daviesshow
Intl. Congress on Ultrasound (ICU)Sigrun Hirsekornshow
Intl. Commission on Biological Effects of Sound (ICBEN)Michael Smithshow
Intl. Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV)Rupert Thornely-Taylorshow
Western Pacific Acoustics Commission (WESPAC)

Liaison Committee

The International Year of Sound is working closely with La Semaine du Son (LSdS) with the goal to expand the opportunities for the activities of LSdS following coordination with more national organisations and will provide the opportunity for the expansion and continuation into the coming decades. The ICA and LSdS have created a Liaison Committee to coordinate the IYS 2020.

ICA:Marion Burgessshow

 Michael Taroudakisshow

LSdS:Christian Hugonnetshow

 Jean-Dominique Polackshow

 Nicolas Lounisshow

Steering Committee

The ICA-IYS 2020 Steering Committee is in place to coordinate all the activities of the IYS 2020, which will include events managed by ICA Member Societies and supporting Organisations. Members of this Committee are representatives from all the ICA Regions.

Coordinators:Marion Burgessshow

 Michael Taroudakisshow

 Jean-Dominique Polackshow

Regional Responsibility

Europe/Africa:Michael Vorländershow

 Antonino Di Bellashow

 Antonio-Perez Lopezshow

 Martin Ochmannshow

 Sergio Luzzishow

Asia/Pacific:Jeong-Guon Ihshow

 Akio Andoshow

 Michel Rosmolenshow

Americas:Mike Stinsonshow

 Fausto E. Rodriguez-Manzoshow

 Julio Cordiolishow

 Mark Hamiltonshow

Affiliated Groups

Does your group, committee, or organisation wish to hold an outreach or educational event during IYS 2020 to help raise awareness of the importance of sound in our lives? Let us know via the Event Form and we can include your events in our Calendar of Events.

  • United Kingdom Acoustics Network (UKAN)
      contact: Charlotte Swainshow
  • INCE/Euope
      contact: Jean Tourretshow
  • ARPAC, ARPAT (Italy)
      contact: Augusto Papashow
  • NIOSH, Wikipedia DC
      contact: Thais C. Moratashow
  • IHCON committee
      contact: Tobias Nehershow
  • Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium
      contact: officeshow
  • Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia
      contact: A&V Committeeshow
  • Nanyang Technological University and Housing Development Board, Singapore
      contact: Woon-Seng Ganshow
  • University of Illinois and Symbolic Sound
      contact: Carla Scalettishow
  • Sound Hub Denmark
      contact: Rie Kold Pripsøshow
  • Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED)
      contact: Luis E. Vargas-Castroshow

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